Tokio Game Show 2018 Report


The Tokio Game Show has come and gone. And there has been so much to do since I am back from Japan. So I did not really find the time to write some words about the trip. But I would like to take care of this now. Tokio as a city is extremely impressive. The scope is massive and that is why it is even more surprising to see how clean and somewhat quiet this city is.

You can find massive skyscraper and turn around a corner just to stand directly in front of a quiet and peaceful shrine or temple. People are extremely polite and helpful.

The exhibition itself isn’t that much different to let’s say a PGW or the Gamescom. Sure you will see a lot more Japanese games. I was a bit surprised that I could not find a Nintendo booth though it was less surprising to not find a Microsoft booth either.

Exhibiting Leif’s Adventure at TGS was a blast the game had a lot of attention and I was happy to see that people kept on playing for quite a while which is always a good measurement if they like to play it or not. As always it is very interesting to see how different people play my game. It is to observe how different player tackle different challenges of the game. I can always take home a lot of impressions and new ideas on how to improve certain passages of the shown level.

To get a better impression of the show you can check out a video showing people playing Leif’s Adventure: Netherworld Hero here:

I had a good time with the other Swiss exhibitor too there were 5 other projects at the Swiss Games booth and you can have a quick look at their and some other cool games in this quick Indie Arena tour video: