Your Ghostly Friend – A closer look at the asymmetric two-character system.

Leif’s Adventure Netherworld Hero features a unique two-character system. Our hero Leif is supported by the superficial and super-cute sidekick Ghost. In the single-player mode, you can switch between two characters at the push of a button. Or you share the fun with a friend in coop mode and each of you plays one of the characters.

The two protagonists have totally different abilities and gameplay styles. While Leif is a traditional action-adventure hero Ghost has some unique tricks up his imaginary sleeves. And only as a team, the two can succeed.

In this article Ghost is the star so let’s have a closer look at his specific skills.

Let’s start with the obvious first. Ghost can fly. This means he can reach areas where Leif can’t go on his own. But since the two characters can’t strive too far away from each other Ghost should make sure that his friend will be able to follow by activating or moving around specific platforms.

But there are other ways our ghostly friend can shine. There are many other specific objects in the environment that Ghost can interact with. For example, slow down hazards, activate flowers to give life a boost when floating, activate switches to open doors, collect hard to reach loot, or activate hints in the environment. There is much more for Ghost to do so just give it a try. Important to note: If something is glowing blueish the chances are high that Ghost can interact with it.

Ghost seems small but he is surprisingly wreckless maybe because he can’t take any damage. So be fearless when playing with him as well and use his abilities to explore every nook and cranny in the fantastic worlds you will wander around in.

But Ghost has also his week spots. He not the biggest fighter. But this does not mean that he is useless when Leif swings his weapons. Ghost can stun enemies to give Leif the upper hand in a thight fight, drop stalactits on bigger then life monsters or destract enemies so Leif can sneak up from behind. And if you’re very creative you can use Ghost to lure enemies into vicious trapps.

And we should not forget about the phantoms! Leif can’t even hurt them before Ghost demasks and drags them into this dimension.

There you have it Ghost is not a simple sidekick he is an integral part of this unlikely duo and only together they can overcome all the challenges this big adventure throws at them.

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into the nature of Ghost and his tricks. Tell a friend about Leif’s Adventure and download the Steam demo to play together!