Change Log Demo 2

Fixes 2.2.6 (2021|07|23):

Added debug information for armor and health bug.
Added titles for map screen
Added debug option in menu

Fixes 2.2.5 (2021|06|17):

Fixed issue where blue armor was not loaded in BC & RR

Fixes 2.2.4 (2021|06|17):

Fixed mirrored prompt on mirrored treasure chests
Fixed walljump issues
Fixed not triggerable pepper bombs
Fixed not persistable pigs
Armor treasure selection when only one armor is available
Remove camera guiding object in BC.

Fixes 2.2.3 (2021|06|16):

Added a loooot of keyboard prompts to the most important interactions

Fixes 2.2.2 (2021|06|16):

Added keyboard prompt to Startscreen again

Fixes 2.2.1 (2021|06|14):

Reworked RedRockGolem Logic to prevent unexpected bugs
Reworked Colliders in RR Puzzle
Added additional savepoint to Broken Cave
Hot fix for the mouse/Select Answer issue!
Added noInput to startingportals BC and RR

Fixes 2.2.0:

Added Keyboard prompt to Main Menu
Nerfed Spikes on Broken Cave
Inverted Button Layout for Controllers instructions
Changes Walljump settings for basic walljump

Fixes 2.1.9:

Added the possibilty to go back through the portals at the level beginning
Added a lot of killzones to Red Rock to prevent player from clipping through the ground.
Minor fixes

Fixes 2.1.8:

Pigs can be collected with the Ghost character
Aspect Ratio is now fixed to 16:9
Armor UI close button fixed
Mouse deactivated
Health regain hearts gravity fixed
Powerup prompt added (RedRock)
Other minor fixes